Thermal Blanketing, INVERNAVELO, Making Forced Crops Profitable

Thermal Cloth, INVERNAVELO, Easily Creates the Perfect Microclimate for Crops

Protect your Crops from Frost, Rain, and Wind

Thermal blankets, INVERNAVELO, are a defining product in the agricultural market. This fabric has been tested for its ability to shield a wide variety of crops and soils from severe weather conditions. For the past 30 years, it has been chosen by farmers as the ideal protection for their crops.


Lettuce is farmed protected by thermal blanketing, INVERNAVERLO. Here the thermal cloth is used as floating cover.

Using thermal blanketing or cloth, INVERNAVELO, improves the growth and quality of the crop. Days to harvest are fewer, and the harvest itself can be completed in less time in an array of crops, from sweet potatoes to strawberries. Normally, the reduced harvest time lasts 1 to 2 weeks. Physical force and resistance to abrasion are combined with and open structure to allow air and water to flow through. This permits correct growth of plants while at the same time it minimizes the activity of insects in the plants.


With thermal blanketing, INVERNAVELO, outside crops can be protected from frost. This technique also creates a microclimate by installing the cloth as a micro tunnel for forcing growth.

The application of thermal blanketing, INVERNAVELO, can be employed with many different crops. This technique of preventing frost damage improves yield outdoors, in micro tunnels, greenhouses and other farming systems. INVERNAVELO provides protection against the aggressive aspects of the environment like weather and dry wind. It helps conserve soil and it protects crops from pests, diseases and natural damage.


Thermal blanketing INVERNAVELO is used as protection for outdoor crops.

Designed to be used with crops that need to grow under a cover for their proper development, INVERNAVELO, floating thermal cover is quite elastic to allow it to expand. The exclusive manufacturing process creates an extremely homogeneous cloth, very resistant in the direction that it is rolled up. This allows farmers to stretch it the long way without worrying; they can cover large areas of crops very quickly.


Thermal blanketing, INVERNAVELO, helps conserve a beneficial microclimate.


Thermal blankets, INVERNAVELO, help to protect against frost.

  • INVERNAVELO is treated with ultraviolet rays so it will last several seasons.
  • This cloth is folded into a Z so it is easier to install.

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