Increase Productivity with Poultry Blackout Curtain

Poultry blackout curtain is an item designed to facilitate poultry activities. While poultry owners endeavour to provide ventilation and natural light for their flocks, they encounter great challenge when catching their chicken in a well-lit environment.

Poultry owners are requested to make provision for better illumination in their poultry house for the well-being of their flocks. However, poultry owners face the consequences of meeting such demand. After installing new windows in their poultry, the radiance that enters through the openings in the room create disturbances during catching.

Resultantly, the poultry blackout-curtain is created to prevent against this challenge. Poultry blackout-curtain is an important tool for running a poultry; the curtain fits windows, covers them completely and assists poultry works to safely and conveniently catch larger numbers of chickens in a short period of time. Poultry blackout-curtains come in different varieties, colours and can be managed electrically or manually.

The opaque curtain is a good option for your chicken coop.

Features of Poultry Blackout-Curtain

Poultry blackout-curtain can be purchased from physical or online garden, poultry and farm stores. It is affordable and durable.

There are different types of blackout curtain for poultry houses. Some of the features of poultry blackout-curtain are:

  • It features polyethylene that is woven with a total of 10 by 8 tapes per inch.
  • Poultry blackout curtain comes with UV resistance.
  • It comes with a double layered interior for total blackout of the poultry house.
  • Poultry blackout-curtain features exterior that is designed to reduce heat in the poultry house during the summer.
  • This poultry farming tool is designed to resist rot.
The opaque curtains are not only resistant but also very resistant to heat and UV light.

Why the Poultry Blackout Curtain is Important for the Poultry

  • Alleviates the Negative Effects of Heat Stress on Chickens

Poultry blackout-curtain can help reduce the negative effects of heat stress on chickens during the summer. Heat stress in poultry leads to weight reduction, loss of appetite, lower fertility, cannibalism and death of chickens. When the flock begin to suffer from heat stress, they start panting, spreading their wings and squatting. The poultry curtain features reinforced exterior and interior than helps it control the temperature in the poultry house. Similarly, it can be used to regulate the rate of natural light that enters the poultry house.

With the opaque curtain your chickens will no longer be damaged by heat.
  • Facilitates Catching of Chickens

Poultry blackout-curtain makes catching of chickens easy in poultry houses. It blacks out the poultry house at once for convenient operation. Properly lit environment debars catching of chickens since chickens are elusive when trying to catch them in a well-lit area. They can also become aggressive during this period as they peck with their beaks. Using the poultry blackout-curtain, poultry farmers can easily capture their chickens for use.

  • Boosts Poultry House Productivity

Poultry blackout-curtain ensures that poultry owners meet up with their production targets. It contributes to the healthiness of chickens which reflects in their body weight and the size of their eggs.

Opaque curtains are a good option since your chickens will stay healthy.

For healthier chickens that produces bigger eggs and meat, use the poultry blackout-curtain in your poultry.

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