Different Categories of Poultry Mesh

Poultry mesh is designed for protecting your flock of chickens from predators. Whether for fencing or demarcation, chicken mesh remains the right choice for the poultry in your property.

Poultry-net are made from plastic or metal. There are different categories of barnyard fowl netting that delivers different results. For instance, welded wire guarantees maximum safety to the chickens while the plastic barnyard fowl netting cannot entirely contain predatory attacks.

Poultry mesh is designed for protecting your flock of chickens from predators.
Poultry-mesh is designed for protecting your flock of chickens from predators.

However, chicken wire is one of the strongest tools for protecting your chickens. Dogs, cats and racoons stand no chance of attacking your barnyard fowl when you install the right poultry-net.

Categories of Poultry-Mesh for the Poultry

  • Welded wire

Welded wire is rigid and reliable poultry-mesh. It is made of medal and can serve as fencing for a barnyard fowl. There are different types of welded wire. The Half inch welded wire can be used for vents and windows in the chicken coop. The half inch welded wire is also ideal for the bottom of the coop as it prevents predators from sliding through the bottom. One inch welded wire is more fragile than the half inch welded wire but it also guarantees maximum protection. Also called hardware cloth, welded wire is quite expensive but is designed to give you your money’s worth.

CHICKENMALLA It is flexible, durable and easy to set up.
  • Poultry Wire

Poultry-wire is a mesh that can be found in different sizes. For keeping your chickens safe and contained, about four feet of this chicken net is required. chicken wire is a good poultry-net and is quite affordable. Unlike the welded wire, barnyard fowl net is thin and may not be able to fend off various predators that may endanger your chickens. However, poultry-wire can serve different purposes ranging from protecting your flock to guarding your beautiful garden.

  • Plastic Poultry-Netting

Plastic poultry-netting is another type of poultry-mesh. While the welded wire and barnyard fowl wire are created from metal, plastic poultry netting is made of plastic. This poultry gadget can match the strength of the poultry wire and perfectly replace it. It is flexible, durable and easy to set up. With the plastic poultry-netting, you chickens are secured from hawks and other predatory birds. Also, it contains your flock such that they are unable to roam about and get lost.

CHICKENMALLA wire its easy to install.
CHICKENMALLA wire its easy to install, being a resistant option for the care to your crops.

Plastic poultry-netting can be effortlessly cleaned. It is protected against rot and rust and can serve a chicken owner for a long period of time. Available at garden stores, plastic poultry-netting is bought in roll lengths and it does not stretch or contort like metal poultry net.

  • Electric Net

Electric net is a fairly luxurious when compared to the earlier mentioned classes of poultry-wire. It is electrifiable and can be found at cheap prizes at garden stores. As expected, it is a more reliable mechanism for preventing against larger predator. However, the electric net fails when it comes to curbing smaller predators that can slither through the gaps in the net. Also, the purpose of the electric net is defeated whenever there is no electricity to power it. Nevertheless, it is a powerful poultry-net for safeguarding your chickens.

keep safe your chickens with chicken net CHICKENMALLA
Keep safe your chickens with chicken net CHICKENMALLA.

Different poultry-mesh delivers different results in protecting your poultry. Get to know them to acquire the one that suits your needs the most.

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