Plan to Protect Your Poultry Livestock

Poultry Netting Meets Standards of Successful Breeding

Keeping Poultry Livestock Safe

Poultry Netting gains popularity in the agricultural sector. One of the first things, the responsible farmer has to think about is keeping the livestock safe. Poultry net is essential in providing optimal security conditions throughout the year. Poultry is a prey to bird predators but to some wild animals too. Especially if the wood lies in the surrounding area, there is a great possibility for foxes to enter your property. Poultry netting is usually made of chicken wire that is a great material for runs and coops. A thin wire of galvanized steel is flexible with even hexagonal meshes. The diameter varies from 1 to 2 inches. It is enough to enable poultry moving around the confined area freely and to protect it from common predators. Animals prone to knapping demand the additional security. Such netting is also convenient for fencing some other small animals living on the farm as well as for confining lawns and gardens. One of the main advantages is that it covers almost every fencing need; it is easily adaptable and long-lasting.   As for wild animals, raccoons, for example, are strong enough to bend the poultry net and get through.

The poultry net keep the integrity of the poultries, avoiding the wild animals attack.

Customization of the Poultry Net

Poultry netting does not necessarily have to be made of galvanized wire. Stainless steel and PVC material are commonly used in fencing the poultry livestock. Which tools you will need to customize poultry net to your specific needs depends on the material it was made of. Cutter is a must have when operating with wire. Before cutting, it is necessary to have the right measurements and to mark the line you will cut along to a preferred shape and size. It is highly recommended to wear heavy gloves. They minimize a risk of possible injury. It is also important to have someone to help you unroll the wire and hold the open end. The installation of poultry-netting is very important. It will serve its purpose in the right way only if certain precautions have been taken. Since the netting is widely used not only for protecting the flocks but garden plants as well, the installation may differ from case to case. Yet, there are some universal rules to be followed. Assuming that you have already marked the area to be fenced, check out the bars the net is going to be attached to. They have to be stable and deeply dug into the ground. The whole set will be more solid if the distance between bars is not less than five feet, and if hooking has been carefully conducted. The installation of the electrifiable netting would demand more time and equipment.

You must be very careful and precise in the installation of the poultry net.

Comfortable and Safe Environment Increases Productivity

If you breed chickens, you might want to provide them with the proper facility. Chicken coop and chicken run are such facilities that enable enough space for chickens. They can move freely inside the confined space that represents the safe environment. A run adds protection from predators and enlarges the available room. Poultry net will be at your best service if you have carefully planned how to use it to secure your livestock. The size of the space you want to confine depends on the number of chickens or another kind of poultry. According to standards, 4 square feet is a minimum space for each bird to feel comfortable and safe. Such precaution will spare you troubles that the lack of space may cause in the future. The external part can be covered with wire mesh which is an excellent material for that purpose. Coops that are elevated from the ground are the better choice since they have certain benefits. Chickens will remain dry during a downpour and they will be additionally protected from predators. Ventilation is very important since their health might be endangered if there is not enough fresh air in the coop. Insulation, on the other side, has to be made in accordance with the weather conditions. Pointing attention to all these factors prolongs the lifespan of the birds and increases productivity.

With the poultry net you can provide a good enviorment for the development to your poutries.

Good Plan Great Results.

To build a home for the poultry you need to have the precise measurements, simple equipment, and top quality material that will last for years. The final result depends on how well you have planned the whole process. The starting estimate includes the right quantity of poultry net. Keep in mind some additional needs for windows. Windows are great for light and ventilation but they have to be protected in the same way as external walls of the run. Chickens have a lot of enemies. Bird predators, raccoons, and foxes are among most common. Quality and sturdy wire mesh should be placed all around and the door has to be additionally secured with a padlock. One of the main advantages of the netting is that it is affordable. Building a coop and attach a run is a better choice than buying pre-fabricated products. With the little effort and in no time, you can completely adjust it to the available space, size of the flock, and to the environment.

A good installation of the poultry net provide a good place of development and protection of your poultries.

Losing poultry is hard to bear and it always represents the significant financial loss as well. Keeping predators off your property brings you peaceful mind, and the poultry netting is most commonly used technique that applies to all poultry, not only chickens. Estimate your needs carefully. Think about which kind of predators live in your surrounding and remember that some of them such as foxes can jump over a fence. The security of your livestock depends on the correct estimate.

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